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If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll have seen many posts about Sophomore Summer. It's a special time for every Dartmouth student, as we get a chance to enjoy Hanover in the summer and spend more time with our class. However, Sophomore Summer does present a challenge for international students, as it can be more difficult to take classes during the summer without avoiding visa complications. Although there are certainly ways for international students to take classes during Sophomore Summer, I decided to spend my Sophomore Summer with Dartmouth's business school, Tuck, which will allow me to remain connected to campus while also avoiding any visa complications taking classes might bring. I'll be engaging in a variety of Tuck programs this summer, but I wanted to first introduce the Tuck Business Bridge program, which I spent most of June partaking in! 

Presentation Slide
A snapshot from our Zoom presentation!

The Tuck Business Bridge Program, or Tuck Bridge, is a 3-week program for undergraduate students designed to help develop business skills such as communication, marketing, and financial modeling. The program is open to students from around the country, which means I got the opportunity to not only connect with Dartmouth students, but also with students from other colleges who share my interests. During Tuck Bridge, I not only got to learn from and work with several MBA professors, but I also worked in a team of six to create our own valuation analysis of a stock. For our valuation, my team chose Zoom, which was super interesting because it's hard to value Zoom under the context of Covid-19. Furthermore, one of my good friends from Dartmouth is currently interning at Zoom, so it was fun to talk to him about our different perspectives on the company. My Tuck Bridge experience concluded with a presentation of our valuation analysis to industry experts and Tuck faculty, which allowed us to apply all the new skills we had learned during the 3-week program. Whether you're a Dartmouth student or not, I definitely recommend checking out Tuck Bridge, as it's available all year-round and is a great program for developing business skills and connecting with other students!

A Tuck Bridge career panel on Zoom!

At times, planning my Sophomore Summer has been stressful considering that I wouldn't be able to take classes like my friends. However, once I started talking to other students and advisors, I realized that I had a breadth of options available to me. Whether that was an internship, research, or a Tuck program, I realized there were several ways I could explore my interests this summer while remaining connected with the Dartmouth community. Now that Tuck Bridge has ended, I'm looking forward to enjoying some time off before with my family and friends. In July, I'll once again be involved with Tuck, this time as a Paganucci Fellow for an international consulting project with a non-profit. I'm excited to share my experiences in the Paganucci Fellowship program later this summer, as I'm looking forward to applying some of the business skills I took from Tuck Bridge to make a positive real-life impact for a non-profit. Stay tuned for more! 

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