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The Green and Baker library on a spring day

Hi! It's the end of week five here at Dartmouth, which means I'm halfway through my last term of college! Spring is one of my favorite terms, and one reason why is the weather. As it warms up, campus becomes more lively as everyone is outside more. This is most visible on the Green, which is a grass field at the center of campus. One of the things that always fascinates me is how everyone seems to be doing something different on the Green. I thought it would be fun to share all the different things I've seen so that prospective students can get a better idea of why they might find themselves on the Green one day!

The first category of possible activities is just hanging out! When it's warm outside, I love to bring my food from one of the dining locations onto the Green. People also like to sunbathe on the Green, read, or even nap! I've done all of these, and they're all super relaxing activities. While you can do these with friends together, you can also spend some alone time on the Green as well. There are always people on the Green, so even if you go alone, chances you are you'll see someone you know! 

Next, there are a wide range of athletic activities you can do on the Green. The two most popular ones are spikeball and frisbee, but I've also seen volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, cornholes and softballs! The Collis Center for Student Involvement, which is right across the Green, allows students to borrow equipment for most of these activities, so it's never too hard to get something going and to break a sweat! 

Finally, while what I've mentioned so far are all pretty casual activities, it can get serious on the Green too. This weekend, there was a timber competition on the Green, where students from Dartmouth's forestry team competed with other schools in chopping wood, throwing axes, and more! I've also seen various fundraising events on the Green, ranging from bake sales to pie throwing. I've also had class on the Green many times, which is always a good time. Once, my professor even brought their puppy! In the Fall, the Homecoming bonfire and Fallapalooza concert also takes place on the Green! 

No matter if you're looking for a place to enjoy a book alone, or a place to run a game of softball with a big group of friends, the Green can be an option for you! As it continues to warm up, I look forward to enjoying the Green and all the possibilities it holds! 

Students enjoying a Spring day on the Green
A picture I took of the Green on my way to class last week - how many different activities do you see?

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