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A picture of Baker Berry in the snow.

With Winterim coming to a close and classes starting back up, I recently reflected on the prominence of student jobs on campus, with tons of options ranging from tutoring to food service and from ski instructors to research assistants. Across the Dartmouth community, it's commonplace for students to hold one or two jobs, making some extra money while also learning new skills and hanging with friends. Currently, I have two on campus jobs: (1) I'm a blogger for the admissions department (obviously) and (2) I'm a research assistant in an Earth Science lab.

While sometimes working on both jobs and classes can be stressful, students often really enjoy their work, choosing jobs that fit their academic interests or hobbies. Also, finding work on campus is super easy, with the Student Employment Office maintaining a database of open student jobs on campus. As of right now, there are over 50 listings ranging from a social media intern position to climbing gym instructors, so it's really easy to find jobs that sounds like fun.

Additionally, the Student Employment Office database includes jobs outside of Dartmouth, oftentimes within the larger community of the Upper Valley. For example, a couple of friends of mine work as teacher's aides at a local preschool, getting exposure to early childhood education while also making some extra money.

In my experience, jobs on campus are not only a good way to earn money and explore interests, they're also an exceptional resource for meeting people and getting in touch with the broader Dartmouth community. Between blogging and my research position, I've made countless friends and mentors that have guided me through my Dartmouth journey, whether students, faculty, or staff.

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