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One of my favorite staff associations on campus is Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS). They are the ones responsible for cooking our food and making sure that we are kept healthy and enjoy our meals by providing us with a variety of different food options.

Once every few weeks, whenever there is a festive day coming up (such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, and others), Dartmouth Dining Services makes themed dinners at our main dining hall: Class of '53 Commons (a.k.a FOCO)! 

I really love when DDS hosts these types of events because they cook food that goes along with the theme of the night. For example, on Valentine's Day last year they had a cookie decoration station, where students could add frosting, sprinkles, hot fudge, and other delicious toppings on heart-shaped sugar cookies. 

This fall, they embraced the autumn spirit by organizing a New England Harvest-themed dinner for Dartmouth students. At the dining hall's entrance, they stationed several tables where small local shops advertised their products and handed out delicious samples! I personally loved Muncha's Marshmallows: they were giving out different flavored s'mores samples, and I fell in love with their Cookies n' Cream S'more Bar! Their products are now available for sale at different dining locations on campus, such as Novack Café.


Inside FOCO, all of the food stations looked delicious! I had a tasty maple hotdog for dinner and apple cider as a drink! For dessert, my friends and I headed to the apple decorating station, where one could grab apple slices and sprinkle yummy toppings on top of them, such as chocolate chips, marshmallows, hot caramel/fudge, and oreos.

Right before we headed out, we stopped by the photo booth station. Whenever DDS hosts a themed dinner, they have a photo booth for people to take pictures that they can take home printed out and remember the special night! You can take as many photos as you want, for FREE! I have a collection of all the pictures I have taken during themed dinners, and I love them. 

I always have a great time at themed dinners, and I want to thank DDS for all of the effort they put into making them an unforgettable night for the students.

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