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A picture of me and my friends in front of Baker Library

Exactly a year ago, I graduated from a place that has been my second home for over half my life. Parents, friends, underclassmen, the beloved Class of 2021, alumni, teachers, and staff were all there to congratulate us. Of course, I took a million photos with my classmates and reminisced about our time together throughout the years. I realized how much I've grown since I was a clueless freshman, and how the Class of '22 has helped (and tolerated) each other since day one. Although graduating was a result of our hard work, we also realized that it wouldn't be possible without the classes that came before us. Some things are just not taught in school. They're just passed down from class to class. Now, as I'm wrapping up the last days of my freshman year in college (UNBELIEVABLE), I want to share some things that I learned throughout my first year here as well. 

A picture of the class of 2022 graduating.

I signed my name on something in the beginning of the year. It was definitely something cool, but I forget...

Let's start with life in the dorm. I live in the McLaughlin Cluster (North Park House), and we have 7 washers and dryers. Avoid doing laundry on Sundays. They are almost always unavailable, even at McLaughlin! Also, be there to take out your clothes when it's done, because it's really likely that someone else will do that for you (and you may risk losing 2 socks from different pairs). Shower shoes are recommended since most showers are communal. It's also helpful to have a microwavable bowl and some utensils in case you want to warm up some food or make ramen. A helpful tip is to wash the bowls instantly after you're done eating, as it prevents you from having a dirty bowl sitting in your room for a whole month (not fun). 

A picture of me and my friends laying on the snow.
Have fun in the snow too. :D

Here's a more random list: If you live far away or you don't want to walk, use the Campus Connector. There's a live map on the website too! When you're grabbing a meal, avoid the times when classes end. This also depends on where you go to. Speaking of meals, Foco, Collis Café and Novack Café are the only places that take meal swipes; other places take DBA (Dining Dollars). If you don't feel like going out, please don't! The events are repeated a lot in all terms. If you do go out, however, please be responsible. Now, if you're clumsy during mud season and somehow get mud on your white pants, let them dry and then wash them. As for academics, please don't start your Dartmouth career with a 4-course term. If a course is NRO-eligible, this means that you can set a certain grade for that class. If your final grade is lower than that grade, then your GPA won't be affected! However, you won't get the distribution requirements for that class, and you only have 3 NROs to spend. When it's time to select courses, there are 2 rounds. The second round is first-come-first-serve, and somehow the portal always crashes (try connecting to the ethernet). It's important to take note of which classes you plan to take. Some classes are really hard to get into, and you should get on the waitlist early (email the professors)! You can also book a study room on Dartmouth's website if you need to work on a group project or prepare for a presentation. Lastly, a huge amount of emails are sent to you every day. It's helpful if you know what opportunities you're looking for, and are attentive when the applications or details are sent out.

I hope my last blog as a freshman will be helpful to you all '27s and prospies!

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