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Baker Berry

Here's the thing. I don't miss home that much. Don't get me wrong, I miss my family and friends, but life here has been so eventful that I don't feel the physical ache of homesickness. This is partly because the midterm season has started for me – I have a test every week – and partly because I've found so many welcoming communities here at Dartmouth.

I'm a part of the Programming Board (PB), which is a student-run organization that hosts a variety of events for students on campus. The PB recently held Fallapalooza, a small concert on campus, and I got the opportunity to hear Peach Tree Rascals sing Mariposa (and many other songs) live! The other day, I had dinner with two '25s in PB and they prepared me for the (tough) academic and social journey I have ahead. In addition to being a part of such a cool group of people, I also get free food every meeting.

I also joined Smart Women Securities, an organization that assists and educates undergraduate women on investing. Of the many opportunities offered, I think being paired up with an older mentor is one of the best. Shout out to my mentor for taking me and another mentee out for coffee and an hour-long chat! I loved it. I asked her all types of questions about business and financial careers, and she even gave me tips and tricks on how to declare a major. She's so cool.

Picture of me and my friends
A cool picture of me and my friends at the river. The sunset was spectacular.

Anyways, my friends added me to the Korean Student Association (KSA) group chat back at the beginning of the term. They thought it would be interesting and I thought the food would be amazing. So about two days ago, I found myself at my first KSA event. As I predicted, the Korean dinner I had was heavenly. I got to know a bunch of upperclassmen, hung out with my friends (who are also in KSA) at the river, and made fun of one friend who had a huge bug bite on his face.

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to the Thai Student Association (TSA)! We are a group of students who are Thai, partly Thai, or have spent some time studying in Thailand. At our first meeting, we ordered some delicious Thai food from Tuk Tuk (pronounced took took!!!). As you can tell, I love free food from all my clubs. I just had another TSA meet up and we played some Thai card games while jamming to Thai tunes. Though TSA is small, these amazing people always remind me of home.

2nd TSA Meeting!

Other than these activities I mentioned, I'm also on a dance team, a club basketball team, a coding club, and the admission's blog team. The Dartmouth community, specifically the student body, provided me with such a variety of activities to choose from. The best part is that you are always welcome to join any organization and try things you'd never imagine yourself doing. As I've said, I join for food, but other reasons are also as valid. 

Being miles away from home guarantees that you'll miss it sometimes, but you'll soon find your new family here as well!

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