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A group picture of TSA with the ingredients we used to cook food.

Don't get me wrong, Foco, our main dining hall, is great. It has a lot of options and the dessert bar never disappoints. But when it's your friend's birthday or the end of an exam season, you might want to grab a meal off campus. You catch yourself wandering around the streets of Hanover, hoping to find something that's a little different from your usual meals. I've had a few of those experiences, so here is a list of my favorite places in Hanover (so far).

1. Han Fusion!

A picture of food at Han Fusion restaurant

Han Fusion is a Chinese restaurant that my friends and I love. We love it. I always order their Double Cooked Porked Belly and Kung Pao Chicken. Their fried rice and Sauteed Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs are also amazing. Almost every plate is served with a side of white rice, and sometimes you also get a choice of soup. On top of all this, the waiters are super friendly and your food is timely served. 

2. Jewel of India!

A Bereal image of food at Jewel of India

I've eaten at Jewel of India twice, and twice, I ordered the same thing. It was so (emphasized) good. My friends love their Chicken Tikka Masala, but I personally enjoy their Chicken Tikka Muglai. It's basically Tandoori Chicken with mushrooms served with Basmati rice. To complete my meal, I also get their Garlic Naan. Jewel of India is not as pricey and one plate is very filling. 

3. Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine (pronounced took-took)!

You can never go wrong with Thai. Since I'm from Bangkok, Thailand, I have periodic cravings for Thai food. I've been to two birthday dinners and grabbed countless casual meals with friends at Tuk Tuk. Although my order varies, I love their Crispy Chicken Pad Kee Mow (Drunken Noodles) and Tom Kha Soup. The Thai Student Association frequently orders their takeouts as well!

4. My Brigadeiro!

A Bereal image of chocolates and latte at My Brigadeiro

My Brigadeiro is a lovely café. It sits right on Main Street with distinct green-brown decorations. They are well known for their assortment of brigadeiro chocolate treats, but their pastries, cakes, and hot drinks are wonderful as well. I routinely order a cup of hot latte with four brigadeiro chocolates of different flavors. The rainbow and churros are my favorites! Their sweetness goes so well with the subtle hint of bitterness from the creamy latte. It's the best way to start your day. 

5. Dorm Kitchen?!

My friends and our cooked meal made in the Choates

I am very fortunate to live within walking distance of a kitchen (which is located in every dorm on campus, I believe) and to have awesome friends who can cook! My friend biked to Co-op Market one time and bought ingredients to make Korean Grilled Pork Belly. He even served it with lettuce, white rice, kimchi, and Gochuchang paste. 

A picture of Thai food that my senior cooked

I've mentioned before that the TSA orders from Tuk Tuk; however, we also cook Thai food. One of the '23s invited us over to his senior apartment and made us Kai Jiew (Thai style omelet), Tom Kha Soup, and Cashew Chicken. There's nothing much to say except that I will gladly accept future meal invites anytime.

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