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At Dartmouth time is simply a concept: It flies, and yet each day is so full that they could last a lifetime. In this one short term, snow fell and melted; leaves died and trees became bare; and many amazing days were spent with those I am closest to. I feel as though I've barely been here two minutes, yet I've had so many crazy experiences I can't even count them. Honestly at this point, I can't at all believe that there is only one term left before I'm 25% of my way through my time at Dartmouth.

25% sounds like a lot. Honestly, it sounds like a scary amount; you'd expect someone who is 25% of their way through college to have some things figured out—at least that's how I felt about the '24s when I got here. They all seemed so well-held together, as if they'd been here for years! In reality, however, I still feel as though I'm guessing my way through life.


I think it is important to recognise that in reality this is all any of us are doing. No matter how old we are and how much life experience we get, the world we exist in keeps getting bigger and bigger, and even those with the most experience in the world aren't completely sure how to live life. I do, however, feel a lot more knowledgeable and experienced in the ways of Dartmouth. I honestly simultaneously don't want to wish away my time here, and yet cannot wait to welcome another class of students here and show them the awesomeness of campus life!

Snowboarding for the first time was a highlight of the term!

Looking back so far, one thing I appreciate above all else is the community I have found here. My floormates are a family to me, and I don't know where I'd be without them. When I've been ill, they've brought me meds, when I'm down, they bring me happiness, and whenever I want to find them I know exactly where they'll be. I also love my friends from other dorms such as those from the international community, and the many others I've met along the way! I love them all and at Dartmouth finding a strong set of communities to thrive in couldn't be easier.

It saddens me to move onto another term, but as we all donned holiday shirts and shorts today to usher in the warmer weather, I was reminded that with all endings come new beginnings, and I can't wait to partake in warmer activities with the people I care about most. Next term isn't far away, and I await it excitedly.

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