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Views from a balcony in spring

Spring be springing sometimes. Idk. Like Somedays? It just be hot out and the flowers be flowering. Like for real, the other day I did class OUTSIDE. Two months ago I was shivering IN MY DORM WITH FIFTEEN LAYERS ON. I did snowboard a LOT though, and throw a lot of snow at my friends. Winter was fun, but has spring sprung??!

Okay but real talk, Spring is OUT there right now – after a huge stint of mediocre weather and seemingly endless grass landscaping across campus on behalf of Dartmouth's gardening army it finally feels like Spring! The green is full of people playing spikeball and other American sports (like throwing a brown and slightly pointier rugby ball) that I enjoy but don't quite understand, and guess what? I HAD CLASS OUTSIDE. One of the things I love most about Dartmouth as it heats up, is that the amazing community and sense of place we cherish so much in Hanover NH becomes super visible. 

Views of Tuck drive from Irving
Actual footage of Spring Sprunging?! Fake News?!

Friends begin to hang out together in the river or at Mink Brook, anywhere with grass can be found full of people hanging out and studying, and best of all, the library is completely empty because everyone has migrated to the green! Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but YOU CAN HAVE CLASS OUTSIDE. Seriously. I had an Italian class last week when it was a particularly warm day, and it felt almost a waste to stay inside. One of our classmates said "wait, could we go outside?" and the professor was delighted to agree! We did Italian in the Sun, and used the opportunity to describe the various activities happening on the Green! 

Times like these are what I imagined before coming to Dartmouth, and it's safe to say that it more than lives up to expectations. I love Winter (hey, snowboarding is my thing) but there's just something about that period when the snow leaves and the sun returns for another year! Hanging with friends by the river, studying in the sun, and Green Key, are all integral parts of the Dartmouth experience

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