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Fall Trees

As a Dartmouth student, there's something truly enchanting about the changing of seasons in Hanover, NH. With summer slowly giving way to fall, and winter lurking just around the corner, I can't help but revel in the natural beauty that surrounds our campus. The transformation of Dartmouth's landscape from one season to the next is a captivating journey that every student here looks forward to.

Summer in Hanover is a time of lush greenery, warm sunshine, and vibrant outdoor adventures. The campus comes alive with students enjoying the sun on the Green, hiking in the surrounding mountains, or taking a dip in the Connecticut River. But as August turns to September, a subtle shift begins to occur. The leaves on the trees start to change their hues, transitioning from various shades of green to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows.

Fall is a magical time in Hanover. The campus transforms into a breathtaking tapestry of colors, with fiery foliage reflecting in the mirror-like waters of Occom Pond. There's an irresistible scent of fallen leaves in the crisp, cool air, and the joy of heading to the O-Farm is a cherished tradition. The outdoor recreational activities that mark the summer season seamlessly blend into fall, with students trading in their swimsuits for cozy sweaters and hiking boots.

The beautiful nature of NH
The lush greenery of the Summer!

But, of course, as the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, the anticipation of winter becomes palpable. Hanover experiences a quintessential New England winter, with snow blanketing the campus and the surrounding town. This is when Dartmouth becomes a winter wonderland, with snowball fights on the Green, ice skating on Occom Pond, and the thrill of downhill skiing at nearby mountains. The arrival of winter, while challenging in terms of weather, brings with it a unique charm and an undeniable sense of community.

The changing of seasons in Hanover isn't just about the physical transformation of the environment; it's about the changing rhythms of life at Dartmouth. The academic year evolves in harmony with the seasons, as we immerse ourselves in different courses, extracurricular activities, and events tailored to each time of year. Whether it's the joy of the Organic Farm harvest festival in the fall or the excitement of Winter Carnival in the heart of winter, each season at Dartmouth offers its own unique experiences

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