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Minion Ice Sculpture with Lily and her friend Elise
Ice Carving
First Storm Snowball Fight
Alex and Sheba Jacket Swap

LLCs or, Living Learning Communities, are residential spaces and communities centered around a specific interest or identity. They are one of many spaces students can choose to live during their four years on campus. I'm part of the Interfaith and Great Issues Scholars (GIC) communities and this post dives into how my residential Interfaith LLC has evolved!

If you did not see my LLC post from the fall term, I recommend it as an introduction to our community on the fourth-floor of the Rauner dorm. Our group has continued to grow as a cohesive social unit and our 'adopted' members, friends who do not live on our floor, have gradually started spending even more time with us!

Frequently I find myself in conversations in the common room or going to a meal with friends from the floor. There have also been quite a few birthdays over the winter term, and we have been getting together with cake and other sweets at night to celebrate the birthdays. We went to the snowball fight on the Dartmouth Green as a group, and it was a blast, even though the snow was powder and terrible for snowballs.

We also decided to do an ice sculpture for Winter Carnival (read more about Winter Carnival here), which was a blast, and my woodworking and linoleum block carving experience was helpful for the craftsmanship. There were professional carvers who gave advice and carved some details. As you can see from our photo, the sun coming in from the left side had a huge impact on the sculpture. I am also adding photos I took of some of my other favorite sculptures. 

Minion Ice Sculpture with Collis in the background
Minion in front of Collis

Astronaut Ice Sculpture in front of McNutt
Astronaut Ice Sculpture in front of McNutt

Lizard Ice Sculpture close up photo focused on the face
Lizard Ice Sculpture

Snoopy Ice Sculpture
Snoopy Ice Sculpture

Dartmouth College Marching Band Sculpture of a sinking ship
Dartmouth College Marching Band Sculpture


Class Debate: CHEM 5 vs. PUBPOL 5

Chemistry 5 and Public Policy 5 are some of the most common courses for students in the fourth-floor community during the winter term (other than Writing 5 and first-year seminar). Over winterim (winter break) we were having a debate in our group chat trying to determine which course would be the best. Pubpol 5 has a lot of reading, whereas Chem 5 has lectures, problems, and labs, so each course has its respective challenges. Based on my observations, I would say that the two courses are about on par with each other in terms of rigor. Chem 5 is a fairly common prerequisite course (part of the general chemistry sequence, which is either 5-6 or 11(accelerated) and Pubpol 5 is important for governmental studies but also for people who are looking at the Rockefeller First-Year Fellows program in D.C. which happens in the summer after the first year.

A little chemical reaction in the lab...

Iron Reaction Before
Iron Reaction Before
Iron Reaction After
Iron Reaction After

Overall, I'm really enjoying my winter term classes!

Lastly, our Interfaith community was fortunate enough to go on a Dartmouth-sponsored trip to Washington DC over springterim (spring break)! Read more about that trip here!

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