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Atifete Jahjaga Speaks with GIS at Lunch, the Former President of Kosovo. full room picture with everyone sitting in a round table style

By telling you which events I attended this year as a Great Issues Scholar I hope to give you a sense of some of the program's event offerings throughout the year. There were a few things I did not attend, notably, there were 4-hour weekend simulation sessions once each term that I was not able to fit into my schedule but some of my friends were able to and they enjoyed them.

Great Issues Scholars Welcome Event outside in Kemeny courtyard during the fall 2023 term
GIS Welcome Event Fall 23 Term (Eli Burakian '00)

Fall Term (International Security)

  • Welcome event to get to know fellow scholars
  • Introduction to International Security lecture and questions, Government Professor Benjamin Valentino
  • Rose Mutiso, an alumnus, talked about her path to her current career
  • Selling Kabul, play at a local theater
  • Alumni Reception at Homecoming Weekend
  • Conversation with Dr. Gifford Wong and Dr. Abraham Holland, Alumni who work at the Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Term-end Lunch conversation event with other GIS students, and we were given an optional book for winterim (winter break) called Living on the Edge: Experiences of Homelessness and Care in Rural New England written by Elizabeth Carpenter-Song, a professor in the Anthropology department. I highly recommend her book!
    Former President of Kosovo GIS Lunch, a few students including Lily listening to Atifete Jahjaga speak
    Former President of Kosovo GIS Lunch (Eli Burakian '00)

Winter Term (Global Health)

  • Introduction to Global Health lecture and questions with Dr. Lisa Adams and Dawn Carey
  • Rauner Special Collections Library Pandemic History, curated collection viewing and discussion with a small group
  • Lunch and Questions with Former Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga
  • Global Health Career Alumni Panel, backgrounds and questions
  • Term-end lunch and conversation with fellow scholars
    Margot Wallstrom Event Information Card on an upstairs table at the dining hall.
    Margot Wallstrom Event Information Card at the Dining Hall

This photo is from a closed door group Q&A event with Jean Charest in Spring 2024.
Group Q&A event with Jean Charest (Bella Neireiter photo)

Spring Term (Climate and the Arctic)

  • Introduction to Climate and Arctic lecture and questions with Melody Burkins
  • Lunch and Questions with Margot Wallström, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden
  • Questions with Jean Charest, Former Premier of Quebec 
  • Dartmouth Ice Core Lab Visit and Lecture
  • Hood Museum curated climate collection viewing and discussion
  • GIS underground (Heating and Energy systems at Dartmouth), brief lecture and a tour
  • End-of-year celebration

This program was a key part of my first year at Dartmouth and helped me think through what is important to me and is playing into what I am considering studying and possibly majoring in. Not only did I get exposed to some incredible people and ideas, I also got to learn more about what Dartmouth's campus has to offer and become more familiar with different possibilities to work towards addressing current global challenges. It also allowed me to get to know my classmates better and some of my good friends also participated in this year's program.

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