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The Connecticut river in Hanover!

At the end of every term, I like to reflect on my time gone by and what I've learned through this term. Honestly, after being off-campus for the winter in Los Angeles, I was unsure about what to expect coming back. I'm really pleasantly surprised by a lot of things, and here's what I'm taking away from this term:

  1. There is a really strong film community. I'm a film major, and I saw a lot of this in Los Angeles, too, but there's a really strong (but small) film community at Dartmouth. This is a group of undergraduate film majors who are all interested in different aspects of the moviemaking process. Still, they stick close together and are super helpful in giving you exposure to a brand-new world. Whether or not you're a film major, there's space for you here to learn and explore your interests.
  2. Broadening my academic horizons. If you recall from an earlier post I wrote on the classes I'm taking this term, you'll recall I spoke about physics and economics—two departments that I had absolutely no knowledge about. Even though I took beginner classes, I really enjoyed both of them. I now feel inspired to take classes in a diverse variety of departments and gauge my interest in widely different fields.
  3. The idea of being outdoorsy. People always say that Dartmouth is a super outdoorsy school, and I've always said that it's as outdoorsy as you want it to be. However, this term, I've really gotten into going on hikes with my friends or swimming in the river on sunny days. I feel like I've started appreciating the nature around Dartmouth more this term, and maybe it's because I'm more actively involved in it.
  4. Traveling is fun (and easy). The great thing about New England is that it's super interconnected, with a great line of buses, trains, and other modes of transport that let you move around pretty easily. Just this term, I've visited Burlington, Boston, Hartford, and Providence. These trips act as fun little breaks from Hanover but also really reinforce the idea of Dartmouth as home.

It's crazy to think that I'm nearly done with my sophomore year (I still have my sophomore summer next term!) and that I'm still learning things about Dartmouth as I go along. I can't wait to keep updating you next term. Please reach out if you have any questions :)  

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