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A look at Los Angeles!

It is time for another weekly update on my film Domestic Study Program in Los Angeles. 

Here are four things I did this week:

  1. Went to Amblin Entertainment: Amblin Entertainment is a legendary filmmaker—Steven Spielberg's production company—inside Universal Studios in Burbank. A friend of the Domestic Study Program, a Dartmouth alum who works at Amblin Entertainment, showed us around and discussed what a Dartmouth education could mean in the professional world. It was beneficial to know about the industry, as well as about Dartmouth in the early 2000s!

  2. Went To Apple Music headquarters in LA: Our DSP went to Apple's headquarters in Culver City, which was magical. Again, the Dartmouth network came in very handy because we were shown around by an Apple employee who also went to Dartmouth a few years ago! We went to this super cool room where we were shown Spatial Audio in action and were taken around Apple's offices! It was brilliant. Also, we got free Beats Studio Pods, all of us. It was the best day ever!
  3. Visited MGM Studios: MGM Studios is a legacy studio in Hollywood, and visiting its office was truly an honor! We spoke about the industry's state, how MGM works collaboratively with Amazon, and what it takes to make a good movie in today's artistic climate.
  4. Visited A+E Studios: To cap off our super-packed but super fun week, the Domestic Study Program went to A+E Studios, which owns networks like Lifetime (the home of shows like Dance Moms). We heard so much about the history of reality television, the hierarchies involved in filmmaking, and much more! It was brilliant!

This week was jam-packed, without a doubt, but one of my favorites on the DSP. I got so much exposure to the industry and saw firsthand what the Dartmouth alum connections can do for you in the real world!

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