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photo of a blue and orange ombre sunset near Alumni Gym in Hanover

As I am now back on campus for my sophomore spring, here is a (slightly overdue) recap of how the classes I took this past winter!

HIST 52: Modern Germany 1851-Today: During my sophomore fall, I attended a public discussion for my history class Intro to the Modern Middle East and North Africa; my professor encouraged us to attend as she was co-leading a discussion on Israel and Palestine with her colleague Professor Greenberg. After listening to this discussion, I looked into whether Professor Greenberg was teaching the next term as I was hoping to take a class with him sometime this year. Luckily, I learned that he was teaching a class called Modern Germany 1851-Today, so I decided to enroll. From the Kingdom of Prussia to today's Federal Republic of Germany, I found Professor Greenberg to be one of the best lecturers at Dartmouth, and even took him to Pine Restaurant through the Take Your Professor to Lunch Program!

GOVT 4: Politics of the World: I was initially nervous about taking a government class at Dartmouth because I didn't have any previous background in it; additionally, government is one of the most popular departments, so I thought I didn't want to take what everyone else was taking. Nonetheless, Professor Zhou was awesome!! She made the class feel very cozy and comfortable, and is the reason why I've decided to pursue a government minor—in addition, I'm also going to be abroad this summer in the Baltics for a Foreign Study Program (FSP) through the government department, and I can't wait to share more in the forthcoming months!

CS 1: Intro to Programming and Computation: I took CS 1 in order to fulfill the "Technology or Applied Sciences" and lab distributive requirements, which are part of the liberal arts curriculum in order for students to explore subjects not studied in high school and delve into what is unfamiliar to us. Thus, I decided to take Intro to Programming and Computation with the famous Professor Vasanta. Given the evolving modern world that positions technology in the forefront of contemporary advancement, I thought it would also be benficial to learn a bit of Python. Although this course is demanding, Professor Vasanta is an amazing lecturer and makes herself available for office hours even on weekends; additionally, there are dozens of teaching assistants available for CS 1—daily, I may add, and they also offer group hours or 1-1 time.

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