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Do you like waffles? Yeah I like waffles!

Do you like French toast? Yeah I like French toast!

If you answered yes to any of these little inquiries, you're in the right place. Because Dartmouth has a sub-club just for taking Dartmouth students to local diners!

But let's backtrack a little. How is a club for diners a sub-club, and what does that even mean? At Dartmouth, our biggest club is the Dartmouth Outing Club, or DOC for short. The DOC is broken up into many categories, such as the canoe club (called Ledyard Canoe Club), the mountain climbing club (Dartmouth Mountaineering Club), and the hiking club (Cabin and Trail) to name a few. Basically, anything outdoors, from fishing and hunting to mountain biking, Dartmouth has a club for. And if not, you can start one! But I digress. We're here to learn about Dinertour! Dinertour is a sub-club of Cabin and Trail, so it falls under the umbrella of the DOC but doesn't scream outdoors (which I really liked about Dinertoure!).

Our journey began at 6:30am, when DOC vans picked the group up, and we began jamming to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on the way to our 60's spot. After meeting everyone and doing a few little ice breakers—they were much needed so early in the morning—we climbed out of the can and began shuffling into one of the most beloved diners near campus: 4 Aces!

It looked like a cute New England barn from the outside, but inside, it was the picture of a homey diner with the nostalgic token 60's vibe. To make matters even better, they had biscuits and gravy, something I've been craving form home! An upperclassman also recommended the apple muffin, which tasted just like a churro! Yum!

As we were waiting, we spotted something on every table: the magic 8 ball! As we passed around this little gem of another time, we got to know each other in a wholesome way that threw us back to middle school.

Overall, Dinertoure was amazing. It's something I've been excited for since my first term at Dartmouth, and it was certainly worth all the hype! I think it's awesome DOC is so involved on campus, even if the things we do with the club aren't all outdoors. It offers a way to get involved with communities on campus, and helps you get to know more people who are into the same things as you and of all class years.

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