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As you're reading my blogs, you might ask why she chose to be a blogger! 

My interest in joining the People Places Pines blogging team stems from my experience with different writing opportunities in high school, my passion for writing, and helping students whose shoes I was once in. 

As a low-income, first-generation student, it tends to be very hard to find sources that are very resonating, accurate, and informative. I was an Early Decision applicant which also meant that the clock was ticking if I chose to go with this binding decision. I remember how much these blogs helped me in choosing Dartmouth and so I would appreciate doing the same for students who are going to be in the same position. Sure, there were videos and articles on the internet, but the answers I was truly looking for mostly came from the blogs.  

When the application for People Places Pines came up, I remember that name sounding so familiar. As I toured different workshops at Dimensions of Dartmouth back in April (programming for admitted students), I expressed my interest in joining a writing team and was advised to look into the People Places Pines team. Having read some of the bloggers' posts about their Dartmouth experiences, how they became bloggers, and how informative they were about the school itself, I was really inspired by the club and what it does. To me, writing not only allows one to express themselves, but also speaks for a community, and helps convey important, profound messages. Being a part of People Places Pines' blogging team would allow me to provide a glimpse into the Dartmouth community to prospective students, and also help me grow as a writer. 

To those who are in the same seat as I was last year and do choose to go on with this college process, just know: you made the best decision! Choosing a school that meets all of your needs can be very difficult. I was once in the same position, nervous about the entire college experience, and worried about whether the school we choose is the best fit for our passion, our financial situation, and the community in general. The inclusive nature of Dartmouth, the variety of study areas, and the number of student-led organizations give it a special edge. You've definitely chosen the right place if you're someone interested in so much and want to explore everything out there in the best way possible.

Try not to stress about figuring everything out the second you get here! The reality is that no one here has it all figured out, but everyone is doing their best to discover what's right for them while also surrounding themselves with a supportive community. Make the most of being in the "middle of nowhere", have fun, and make a home for yourself, as I have! And if you think you have everything planned out, don't retreat into a shell and miss out on what Dartmouth has to offer. You will undoubtedly receive the best resources that guarantee a great education and a great community, but it is also what you do with these resources that matters. 

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