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Harvard-Dartmouth football game!

Growing up, I never really watched sports except for soccer. As I became accustomed to living here, I realized that sports is a major aspect of social life. I have developed a growing interest in sports I didn't understand or watch before coming here such as football and even hockey. The more I attended games, the better I understood these sports. 

Last weekend: 

I attended the Harvard-Dartmouth football game! While I never imagined I would ever travel for football, doing so with my friends made it an unforgettable experience. It was the game that motivated us to go, but we also knew how great it would be to reflect on these times well spent. My goal was to immerse myself in Dartmouth's social life while making memories with my friends at the same time.

It was also Halloween weekend, which meant that the campus was very lively at the time. There were Halloween decorations all over campus, candy giveaways in the library, scavenger hunts, and socials planned... 

This weekend: 

On Friday, it was the blackout football game! And again, I attended with my friends. This was just a weekend full of sports! This game was great, but unfortunately, I didn't stay the entire night but we won!

The next day, I attended the Princeton-Dartmouth hockey game! Excluding from the Harvard game, this was undoubtedly the largest game I've ever attended on campus. It was so fun and the famous Dartmouth tradition of throwing tennis balls on the ice rink was not taken lightly this term. Overall, this was such a crazy game; it was exciting and suspenseful at the same time and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I also attended Harvard-Dartmouth soccer game that took place that same day. As a soccer fan, this game was so tense for me. There was so much going on in the crowd and on the field which made the experience much better.

MY POINT IS: It is really easy to get caught up in everything going on in your life sometimes that you forget there are these things you never thought of like sports that can do so much in helping you rewind a little and come back as better ever. 

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