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Dartmouth's snowy winter campus

Hi everyone! Dartmouth's 2024 winter term has officially begun—so, what classes am I taking this term? For those of you reading my blog for the first time, I'm in my junior year, finishing up my majors as well as distributive requirements. What are distributive requirements? Every Dartmouth student must complete a set of distributive requirements that include courses in different categories (for example, a computer science course like CS 1 Introduction to Programming would fulfill the technology or applied science (TAS) requirement). Let's dive right in.

1. PHYS 14: Introductory Physics II

Let's start with the most unexciting class amongst my list, arguably: Physics 14! Dartmouth has two general physics sequences: PHYS 3/4 and PHYS 13/14. 13 and 14 are geared towards engineering majors as prerequisites for most engineering courses while 3 and 4 are geared towards pre-medical students hoping to complete the physics prerequisites for medical school. It's a pretty standard course—you learn a plethora of concepts within electricity and magnetism. It's undoubtedly a difficult course but very well structured!

2. ENGS 25: Introduction to Thermodynamics

ENGS 25 is also a part of my biomedical engineering major requirements. It's also a straightforward class where you dive deeper into thermodynamics, traversing the relationship between work, heat, and energy. The course also has a lab portion, which are great opportunities to supplement your learning. I'd say ENGS 25 focuses more on the students' learning with take-home exams and problem sets.

3. ANTH 76: The Evolution of Upright Walking

My favorite course this term, ANTH 76. In ANTH 76, we explore the evolution of bipedalism: how primates evolved from quadrupedal locomotion to bipedal walking. From scientific concepts to analyzing a wide array of hypotheses, ANTH 76 offers so many modes of learning, and I enjoy that very much. Also, it's taught by Professor DeSilva who is an expert in the field—when I say expert, I mean it. Interesting readings, interesting discussions, and I highly recommend it. ANTH 76 fulfills the senior seminar requirement for my anthropology modified with global health major. 

4. LING 05.02: The Digital Portfolio

Lastly, LING 05.02 fulfills my art distributive requirement, as it is a course that hones in your WordPress portfolio editing skills. Every Dartmouth student is given a free WordPress domain aimed to help you design a portfolio of your choice—whether it be academic, visual, coding, etc. Although students mostly work on it outside of class, LING 05.02 dedicates a whole term of class to developing it. We discuss linguistics/visual/verbal concepts to maximize our portfolios' effectiveness. 

Time flew to junior year, and here I am now getting ready to finish my majors. My courses, I'd say, got progressively more exciting (also challenging) as the years went on. Feel free to browse through some previous blog posts if you want to see the general timeline of courses if you're a  pre-engineering/pre-medical/pre-anthropology student!

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