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First Time Sledding

After my six weeks back in South Carolina for Winterim, it was finally time to come back to my new home, Dartmouth. As someone who has never really experienced the cold, the weather here has been an immense change from what I am used to. Although I particularly did not enjoy waking up at two in the morning, I did enjoy finally arriving back in Hanover! From almost slipping on some parts of the sidewalks to my first snowfall, this winter weather will definitely be something I will need to acclimate to. However, I will admit that it is not as bad as it may appear! 

The classes I am taking this term are Writing 5: Caribbean Reverberations, Modern Classical Music, and Sculpture One. I am quite excited about these classes and can't wait to dig deeper into them. Currently, all of my classes are planned to be in person as much as possible this term which is nice. I have already created my first two sculptures in my sculpture class which has been really cool.

First Sculpture One Project
My first sculpture project!

Even though only week one has finished, I have done a lot this week! Since I have never experienced a winter such as this, I decided to take time and go sledding with some of my friends on the golf course! It was really fun to put on many layers of clothes and tackle the fresh snow that happened earlier that morning. Several of us have never really had such an opportunity to go sledding before so it was cool to experience that with some of my friends.

However, the most important part of this week was definitely the snowball fight. On the first snowfall of the school year, everyone receives an email stating that there will be a massive snowball fight across campus at midnight. Myself and two of my floormates played rounds of Uno and then went to the Green to go throw snow at our friends. It was really exciting to see so many people in the middle of campus having fun in the snow. 

Dorm View of Snow
This is the view I have of the snow from my dorm.

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