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Dartmouth Hall

Honestly, sometimes it is hard to write a brand new blog post to help my friends, family, and strangers get to know how it feels to live life at Dartmouth. Instead of thinking about what to write, I merely sat down, and today I thought about the craziness of my life here at school. It made me realize that there are so many things at this place that I truly enjoy and love. So, I've decided to go ahead and just sit back to type about a few random things that make me enjoy my time at Dartmouth.

Currently, I'm on an off term which means I am not taking classes so I have had lots of free time when I am not at work. One thing that I have realized I love is how everyone here motivates each other. Whether I look up to see my friend writing an essay or working on a beautiful art project for fun, they inspire me to do the things I have always wanted to do. This term I now have been motivated to spend more time writing poetry, prose, and music too. Hopefully, I will have some of this published soon because my friends have been encouraging me to accomplish some goals.

Another random thing that I love about Dartmouth is its weather. I know sometimes it sounds scary when you hear about the winter or see pictures of the snow. Yet, I think winter was my favorite season at Dartmouth. Recently, I have enjoyed all of my time sitting outside watching leaves fall with their beautiful colors.

Looking at Gile's Scenery
Tree Outside BVAC

Also, I love how easy it is to make new friends at Dartmouth. Since I am a sophomore, I am currently in the process of joining a fraternity. Within this time, I have made so many better friendships and I know that this just started. Plus, I have so much free time so I can get meals with people whenever and spend more time saying hi to new '26s.

Ooh, I also just love it when I see someone randomly and then talk with them . It was so warming to see people when I arrived on campus in week 4 and gave them all hugs to talk about our summers. After a year of making friends, I think this year has shown me how many meaningful connections I have made here. It's always nice to make people step out of their academic priorities and just have a simple conversation.

This list could keep going on, but I just realized that this entire list almost revolves around the people I have met at this school. You are not going to love everyone where you go, but I think that the community at Dartmouth gives everyone amazing groups of friends to rely on. Now, it's time for me to get some hot chocolate and watch the leaves fall. Until next week everyone.

View of the Green

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