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How many hours of coursework and classes do you usually do?

A: Chase Harvey

I have been asked this question dozens of times, and my answer is always somewhat ambiguous. Usually, people are quite curious about this component of college life at Dartmouth versus at other universities. The amount of homework you have really depends on what courses you are taking and how many of them as well. Typically, students will take three courses during a term; however, sometimes students will opt to take two or four courses. Courses will either be three 65 minute classes or two 110 minute classes a week. Most stem classes, such as bio, math, or engineering, will have a workload outside of class that can range from five to fifteen hours a week. However, you can also have classes that take only around five hours a week. One of the more time-intensive departments is the studio art department since students will spend around fifteen hours a week learning how to create art.

In regards to scheduling, most students will always balance out their workload. Since Dartmouth has ten week terms, it is important to remember that you cannot take three time-intensive classes a term and expect it to be easy. For example, it is common for students to take one difficult class with an easier class and a moderately difficult one. Often, people will ask around to hear about the difficulty and time a class should anticipate. My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you do not overwhelm your schedule and ensure that you will have downtime during your term.

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