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HPP has a very helpful website for students

Here at Dartmouth, there is an office that supports students who plan to go into health careers such as dentistry, nursing, medicine, and other health fields.

For most health graduate schools, there is a wide array of required classes, clinical hours, letters of recommendations, essays and other requirements that can be difficult to keep track of without the help of the health advisors.

There are two full time health advisors who are excellent at helping at every stage of the process, from picking out classes at Dartmouth to helping with essays and sending out applications. They have several open office hours most days a week and are easily available to students.

The Health Professions office also hosts several events throughout the year with a variety of topics with a focus on health. My favorite events have been a panel with upperclassmen who give advice to first years, a meet and greet with a doctor who runs a local charity clinic that welcomes Dartmouth volunteers, and a dinner with Dartmouth's Geisel medical students who talked about their experiences in medical school.

There is also a partnership with the Nathan Smith Society, Dartmouth's pre-health society, and plans shadowing opportunities for students with doctors at the local Dartmouth Health hospital system.

There is also a peer mentoring program that pairs first year students interested in the pre-health field with upperclassmen pre-health students to provide advice student to student.

Overall, the Health Professions Program has been a valuable resource for my pre-health path, and I anticipate it being even more helpful when I eventually apply to medical school!

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