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Catherine in her city roots

1. What was it like going to high school in New York City?

It was a really nice opportunity to get out of Westchester, New York, where I lived. You see so many more people and the commute was really interesting. It opened me up to a lot more experiences and more freedom. 

2. Why did you choose Dartmouth over more urban schools?

I think New York City is great, but there's not a sense of community on a small scale. Everyone's on their own out there and on most city campuses, you don't have a close community. People have dining plans where they go out into the city to eat and not the same dining hall together where you see everyone you know. I just thought the chance to be in Hanover for four years was a really great opportunity.

3. What was the biggest change from New York to Hanover?

Everything closes so early here! That was a big shock, but definitely worth the trade off! 

4. What has been your favorite part about going to school in rural New Hampshire?

I would say that beyond the opportunity, you can go a mile in any direction, and you could be in the river, in the woods. We have our skiway just twenty minutes away. I love how it is so beautiful while you're still on campus.

5. What advantages do you see to going to a rural school?

I think you can't beat the community because you're always seeing the same people all the time. I like our unique relationship with the town of Hanover because Dartmouth is all of Hanover for the most part, which is so different from New York and a New York school. I like the chance to be removed from other distractions, and it's really about making the most of the time that you have at Dartmouth. 

6. What advice would you give to students from urban areas thinking about applying to Dartmouth?

I would say even if you think you don't like the outdoors, give it a chance. You're likely never going to get the chance to live in a rural area again because most likely you're going to live in a city after college. I love how everything is a maximum of a five-minute walk from nature.

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