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1. Roman Archaeology

I took this class for my Classical Studies major, and as it was my first archaeology class, I learned a lot! Thankfully, several Dartmouth majors allow you to use classes from transfer terms to fulfill them, and I wanted to take a Classics class at another university to see the difference in the way the subject was taught. This class met twice a week, and we covered the entirety of the Roman Empire and all of its ruins. My professor was very engaging and made herself available to students, which was not the norm at the university I studied at. This made me really appreciate the accessibility of Dartmouth professors and how they welcome students to their office hours.

2. Greek Archaeology

Similar to my Roman Archaeology class, this class covered Greek ruins from the entire empire. This also satisfied one of my major requirements and served as a prerequisite for an advanced class I plan to do in the future. My favorite part of this class was meeting other Irish students. This class had a lot of project work, so I got to know students from all over the country. We talked about the biggest differences in our cultures and universities. The students in my class were experts in the Classics because in Ireland, students only take classes in one field; thus, students taking Classics classes were very knowledgeable. On the flip side, I have a more encompassing education with Dartmouth's liberal arts focus. My classmates told me about Roman buildings, and I told them about the geometry in the buildings!

3. Introduction to Chemistry 

This class was a pre-medical requirement that was roughly equivalent to Dartmouth's introductory chemistry class. The class covered the basics of chemistry as well as physical chemistry. The class met for about five hours a week, so it was intensive. After this class, I feel very prepared to do the next chemistry class in the pre-medical sequence. 

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