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A photo of a group of people in front of the Dartmouth Admissions Office.

It's hard to believe that I'm almost halfway through my junior winter, which is also the final term of my junior year. With senior year on the horizon, I have been reflecting on my Dartmouth experience and personal growth. I've been blogging since the very start of my freshman year, and the fact that this archive of my Dartmouth experience exists is incredible. In this post, I want to talk about what it's like blogging for admissions and how it's helped me navigate my Dartmouth experience!

As an admissions blogger, I'm responsible for writing one blog post each week of the academic term. As a freshman, I was required to do this for the fall, winter, and spring of my first year—however, after freshman year, you have the option to write one blog post every two weeks instead. Of course, this schedule is adjustable in case of personal circumstances. I've also had the opportunity to blog during off-terms and winter/spring breaks, which has been a great way to constantly reflect on my life and make some money while doing it. 

The Admissions Office does a lot of work to cultivate a sense of community among bloggers. We typically all meet with each other at the start of the term to catch up with each other and prepare for a new term of blog writing. In addition, since blogs are due Sundays at midnight every week, Admissions reserves a room in the library on Sunday nights where bloggers can work on writing and finalizing their posts together, oftentimes with pizza provided! This emphasis on community has helped me meet people I wouldn't have otherwise met at Dartmouth, and since there's a new cohort of freshman bloggers every year, there are always new faces to meet. 

One of my favorite things about blogging is when prospective students reach out to me to ask me a question about Dartmouth or something that I highlighted in a blog. It feels great to know that people are reading about my experiences, and that they want to know more: my email ( is always open if you have a Dartmouth or blog-related question! 

Looking at all that's happened to me during Dartmouth, I'm glad I have an archive of blog posts that illustrate the highs and lows of my experience. This is a benefit of blogging that I didn't really consider when first starting, but it's great to revisit some of the memories that I've made in the last two years by re-reading old blog posts. Furthermore, watching my academic and professional interests shift over time is also lots of fun, as it shows directly the impact that my Dartmouth experience has had on me. Overall, I've really enjoyed my experience as a blogger, and I hope to continue sharing details about my Dartmouth experience for these last few terms!

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