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Baker tower in the distance with fall foliage

The fall is one of the most exciting times on campus. With the excitement of the new '27s on campus and many people returning after being off for the summer, Dartmouth's campus is constantly bustling and moving. There's so much to love about Dartmouth's fall term. Here are my five favorite things about it:

First, the transition into fall weather! The weather transition from summer into fall in the Upper Valley is physically and visually wonderful. There's less humidity in the fall, leading to pleasant and breezy weather for taking walks and spending time outside. Moreover, watching the foliage transform from green into red, yellow, and orange is always fun and gives the fall a unique nostalgic feeling. I constantly find myself remembering things that happened in previous fall terms as the campus transforms into fall colors.

Another thing I love is that everything is going on! Since fall is one of the busiest terms on campus, clubs, activities, and events are always going on! I've been able to teach Arabic drill again this term and start going to the Arabic club again. Many of these student life activities are inactive—as primarily sophomores are on campus—over the summer, so enjoying them again has been lots of fun. Since I was off in the spring, I haven't been surrounded by these student life activities since last winter, so I've really enjoyed getting back into my routines and activities.

Also homecoming! Towards the end of October, there is an annual homecoming weekend with a football game, festivities, and a massive bonfire in the center of the Green. It's always fun to see people get excited about this yearly tradition, and a great way to make memories with friends. The campus is usually bustling with alums and other visitors during this time, which definitely makes things feel lively and exciting. 

Fall term is also a great time to meet '27s. As an Arabic drill instructor and FYSEP mentor, I have many opportunities to meet new '27s and learn more about their interests and why they chose Dartmouth. I love to make these new connections and love the chance to lend a helping hand to students as they adjust to a college environment. As a new student, I remember upper-level students helping answer my questions and getting me acclimated to Dartmouth's unique environment.

Finally, what I love about fall term is the anticipation for "winterim." At Dartmouth, the fall term ends before Thanksgiving, and the winter term begins after the New Year, meaning the interim between fall and winter (winterim) is six weeks long! As the fall term gets busier, there is always a long winterim to look forward to that provides a chance to spend lots of time with friends and family during the holidays. All things considered, it's a great way to finish a busy Dartmouth fall term.

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