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After an off-term last spring, I'm back on campus taking classes for sophomore summer! In this post, I want to share what classes I'm taking this term. Summer is typically a time when students take more exploratory classes while enjoying the great weather with friends! Since it's predominantly sophomores on campus, there is the opportunity to make great memories with other members of your class. 

One class I'm taking is 'Gender in the Modern Middle East and North Africa,' which looks at gender roles, sexuality, and hierarchies of power more broadly in the Middle East today. Since the class approaches the topic from a historical perspective, a lot of the work is centered around tracking how factors like globalization, imperialism/colonialism, and political shifts have shaped gender roles and identities in the Middle East. As a Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology major, this class is really relevant to my research interests. A topic like 'gender' plays a massive role in determining the structures, norms, and hierarchies of power in the world that we live in, so developing a better understanding of it helps me to better understand why society operates the way it does.

Another class I'm taking is 'Filmmaking and Visual Culture,' an Anthropology class that analyzes visual culture, such as film, fashion, architecture, and other mediums of artwork and aesthetic expression. The course is also listed with the Department of African and African-American Studies, so most of the content we are studying is related to radical Black thought and how it manifests through visual culture. Due to my interest in digital humanities, I'm really getting into film and ethnographic filmmaking as a way to tell anthropological stories—therefore, taking this class will be a good segue to help me understand how to make compelling films and share stories.

I've also been busy this term since I'm working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for 'Introduction to Cultural Anthropology' and continuing with my research. Lots of students take 2 courses during the summer to better enjoy the season with their friends. This term, I am taking 2 classes—instead of the typical 3—which has really helped with my time management. If you find you need to 'pull back' and prioritize things outside of class for a term or two, Dartmouth builds in enough space for all students to take a 2-course term. Furthermore, any 4-course terms you take allow you to take an additional 2-course term at some point, which really allows you to shape your termly class schedule based on your individual needs.

I can't wait to get more into these classes and share my experiences with the blog—summer awaits!

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