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With my first spring term at Dartmouth came my first Green Key! If you are a reader of the blog, you have probably heard of this yearly Dartmouth festival that brings live music, dance, and lots of parties to campus. In this post, I will sum up my experience. 

To begin, Green Key occurs at the end of week 8 just before finals, so it's student tradition to try and get as ahead with work so that the weekend can be enjoyed. Typically, students go out Thursday night, Friday day + night, and Saturday day + night. Dorm parties, frat parties, outdoor live music, trips to the lake, and just hanging out outside are all common activities. Since it was a pretty busy week for me in terms of classes, I decided not to go out Thursday. Since all I was missing were frat parties that are similar to the ones that happen multiple times a week, I didn't feel too obligated to go out. 

However, Friday is when Green Key really gets started. Lots of students don't go to class, and many professors cancel class; however, for those not big into festivities and social gatherings, many students still do go to class. For me personally, I only have one class on Friday anyways (Arabic) and it occurs in the morning well before any events are happening, so I had no issue with waking up early and attending class. (side note: we did an Arabic calligraphy workshop in class and it was really fun!)

At around 2pm, people began throwing their own dorm parties and outdoor gatherings in preparation for the concert and higher energy events later in the day. Since the weather was beautiful Friday, it was the perfect time to get together with friends and celebrate the upcoming weekend! At 5, Webster Avenue (commonly known as frat row) was closed down and filled with students in a block party-style event, complete with live music and tons of excitement. These day parties (typically referred to as 'Darties') aren't something I usually like going to, but it was a really great way to prepare for the main concert at 6:30.

Me and some friends enjoying the block party before the main concert!

Once 6:30 came, the concert ran for about 4 hours! Since it was so long, most people came and went and did not stay the whole time; me and my friends enjoyed the slow, casual pace of the night. Once the concert came to an end, people have the option to go out to frats and have some more fun before the night comes to an end. 

Saturday is more laid back and relaxed, as there are no massive events going on; however, there is a wide variety of concerts, outdoor events on frat row, and activities to do on the green and at the Collis Student center to keep people busy throughout the day. I spent time enjoying the nice weather and checking out some live music on Saturday, but since my classes have really picked up at this point in time I also spent some time in the library to make up for a great Friday.

Overall, my first Green Key experience was great; I encourage prospective students to go into it with excitement and open-mindedness!

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