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A photo of Sawtooth, a restaurant in Hanover

This term as a Hopkins Center for the Arts Video Fellow, I am on a student team that is organizing a 3-day arts event entirely showcasing multiple forms of student artwork on campus. If you want to learn more about the Hop Fellows program, check out this post I wrote last term! Essentially, the program brings together students with experience in different forms of artistic management (marketing, video, social media, production, etc) to work throughout the fall and winter to put on a 3-day student artist showcase in late February in Sawtooth, a local restaurant in Hanover.

We decided as a group to call the event Hanunder, playing with the town name 'Hanover' where Dartmouth is located. Leading up to the event, we meet weekly on Wednesday nights to work out scheduling, logistics, and marketing campaigns for the event. Since there are 17 total fellows, we also break into smaller groups focused on planning more specific parts of the event (marketing, production, engagement) in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

As a video fellow, I've been involved on the marketing side oxf things to create Instagram reels and TikTok content to help advertise the event. It has been a great way to work on my videography—for my reels, I interview student artists who will be performing or presenting their work at the event, asking them about their inspirations and how they made their art come together. Not only is it a great way to practice my videography, but it's also fun to meet some student artists that I didn't know beforehand! The event will include a mixture of film, live music, dance, sculpture, painting, and theater, so it will definitely be a great way to bring various art forms together on campus. 

As a Dartmouth student, working as a Hop Fellow is one of many campus jobs that I'm able to do. The fact that I'm able to do work that I love and will benefit me in my future career, while also being paid, is incredible! Also, the ability to have this much agency in organizing an entire live show is invaluable, and will definitely be an experience I remember for years to come. Not only is it a great way to practice my video skills, but I'm also learning lots about marketing, production, and networking - this Hop Fellows event is just one example of how Dartmouth's liberal arts focus allows students to acquire interdisciplinary skills while doing something they love, and getting paid for it on top of that! 

I can't wait to put on Hanunder this February, and will definitely keep the blog updated with how the event goes!

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