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A photo of the Visual Arts Center

While being on my off-term, I've had plenty of time to reflect on the things that I miss the most about Dartmouth. Something that I especially miss is the abundance of creative spaces and resources around; in this post, I want to share my experiences taking advantage of some of these resources.

One of my favorite spaces on campus is the Jones Media Center, located on the second floor of Baker Library. The center has multiple sound-proof recording studios for podcasts, voiceovers, or any other audio projects - in addition, it is full of desktop computers with Adobe Creative Suite, allowing students to work on an array of projects. My favorite part about the center is that they offer equipment rentals for all sorts of creative projects – professional-level film equipment, audio-recording equipment, and music production gear are all available for any undergraduate student to rent out at any time. Having these resources readily available has been incredibly valuable for me and have helped me with both academic and personal creative projects. 

Another great space on campus is the Visual Arts Center, the main building for Dartmouth's Film and Studio Art majors. There are many computer labs in the building ready for use towards creative projects. Additionally, there are multiple editing suites in the building with multiple monitors and Adobe Premiere installed, which has helped me edit my projects quickly and efficiently in the past. The architecture of the building is also very unique and beautiful - it's one of my favorite spots to do work on campus!

One really cool space for creativity on campus is the Book Arts Studio, located in the basement of Baker library. Students can create a wide variety of prints and designs by utilizing their typewriters, calligraphy tools, and lots of other interesting tools. I've seen tons of cool campus posters and advertisements made by taking advantage of the space – it's definitely one of the coolest creative spaces on campus. 

Overall, reflecting on all the artistic resources Dartmouth has to offer definitely makes me excited to take advantage of them once I return to campus!

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