View from Moosilauke Ravine Lodge
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Picture showing trail with tall trees lined up on the sides
Small body of water surrounded by trees
View of the Connecticut river with distant trees on the sides of the frame
Sunlight reflecting off of a small body of clear water showing the sand underneath
Picture of trail leading up to trees off center to the left

Here's how I chose to unwind this past Sunday in the outdoors as a not-so-outdoorsy person!

Even though there's no one Dartmouth story, the idea of THE Dartmouth student generally revolves around the outdoors. I like spending time outdoors, but not enough to identify as outdoorsy. Even then, Dartmouth has a space for me to explore nature without requiring any traveling or any previous experience for that matter. Following First-Year Trips, I have joined several beginner friendly trips at the Dartmouth Outing Club and felt so secure and welcome!

I believe the welcoming space I found transcends the DOC and expands to the general Dartmouth community. During my hike this Sunday, I found myself reflecting on my gratitude towards all the new opportunities I have been surrounded with since this past August. I have changed and grown so much! The more I spend time here, the more assured I become on having chosen Dartmouth. I'm so glad that I have the entire Dartmouth community supporting me through discovering entirely new sides of me and appreciating my passions.

Hearing the encouraging comments of my friends who are heavily involved with the Outing Club, I decided to put myself out there and challenge myself by becoming a Trip Leader for some of you 27s!! If you see me there, do say hi!!

Just past Occom Pond and the golf course lays the trails of Pine Park! Pine Park's where I chose to spend time from 10 AM to 4 PM this past Sunday to just wander around, reflect on happenings in my life and take awesome pictures. Here's the Golf course and Pine Park: my Sunday by means of pictures!

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