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Now that the winter is officially over, I have been finding a lot of joy in rediscovering Hanover's unique beauty under much sunlight. Spring has officially sprung, and it brought along temperatures that range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius – sorry, I don't speak Fahrenheit :(

With this warmer weather, many opportunities to get outside also appeared. A professor of mine has started to teach every other lesson on the Green; I have been finding a lot of joy in sitting on the grass to do my homework; my friends and I have been taking long walks across campus, and honestly, I even got a little bit of a suntan this past week!

Sitting outside and reading
Reading outside!

Going through the Winter in Hanover is not easy at all, if I am being honest. Personally, I am used to the warm, sunny tropical lifestyle. Before leaving Brazil, I could barely picture myself going to class wearing anything other than shorts and t-shirts. During the Fall here at Dartmouth, I sort of managed to keep up with that fashion: it was only sometimes that I found myself in need of putting on some trousers and jumpers. Nonetheless, when the snowy days of Winter started hitting, it was hard to not give in to sweatpants and puffer jackets. 

But, as the Sun starts to come out more often, I feel my entire body react to the weather. As you can read here, I have had quite an intense experience navigating mental health issues since I got to campus. The weather, as one can guess, plays a great role in this. Currently, however, I can confidently say that I have never been so glad to be here. Not only being outside seems more pleasing, but the overall feeling of campus is a lighter one. I find myself smiling at the green grass, or perplexed by the way flowers are blooming all around us. 

Sitting outside
Outside with my friends :)

This weather is also a great opportunity to take my sunny  outfits out of the drawer, sit outside to do my readings, and in general, just find better excuses to leave my room and be outside. It is undeniable that the Dartmouth campus is pretty all year long, but this season has done wonders to my everyday life, and I could not be more grateful for it.

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