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Snowy Baker Berry

Since coming back to school this spring, I've noticed campus looking a little different. Especially because New Zealand was extremely sunny and warm this past sinter term (their summer, actually), it has been rather hard to adapt back to Hanover. Under all this snow, I can only imagine all the roses, tulips, and lilies that our green areas typically carry during this time. 

If I'm being honest, I am a total lover of Spring. I live for the sunny morning walks to class, the afternoons kayaking in the river, and the flowers colouring every street in town. Additionally, it is for me one of the best times to be on campus, surrounded by your friends right as Green Key – our yearly music festival—and graduation events begin to take place. At the Tabard – the gender-inclusive Greek house I am a part of—'senior spring' is always lots of fun. Typically, we organize a week worth of events—social gatherings, games, house meals, and more—to not only congratulate our graduating members, but also spend these last few moments cherishing their presence around the house. Honestly, it is during the spring that I most genuinely feel Dartmouth's sense of community take place, and it's one of the most joyous experiences I've ever had!

It is not common—for me, at least—for March to still be rather a cold month. I have a mid-month birthday, right on Pi Day (3/14!), and 2023 was the first time I celebrated it under a snowstorm. This year, again, I was under approximately 20 inches of snow here in Hanover. But, just like the flowers hidden underneath it all, I can also already see the amount of fun this term will bring. The warmth of Spring term is just partially nature following its own course, a rather significant portion of this heat we actually gain from our friends and peers, who turn cold, stormy campus into a warm, welcoming home.

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