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As my second term at Dartmouth approaches, I found myself in a very similar situation I was three months ago. Having to choose classes will never be easy, to be honest. It is always a stressful but very fun experience. If you are curious to how my academic schedule looked like last term, you can check in on this post I wrote at the beginning of the year. 

Now, things are a tad bit different. I wanted to choose classes that would already set my path into my desired major. Of course, I am still leaving some room for exploration, as your plans can always change – especially at a liberal arts college. 

Last term, I took SPAN 20, ARAB 01, and EDUC 01. None of which I planned to enrol in until the day of course selection haha.

For this term, I selected LING 01 (an introduction course to Linguistics), THEA 10.68 ("Staging Rebellion," a class on Latin American revolutionary theatre), and WRIT 5 – which is a mandatory writing course for first-year students.

If you don't know already, I am a prospective Linguistics major, with possible minors in Spanish and/or Theatre. This term, as you can see, I am getting closer to my intended areas of study. In the fall, I allowed myself to explore, taking unexpected classes and discovering unexpected tastes. But, now, I am genuinely excited to see what the Linguistics and Theatre departments are like. With these courses, I hope to get a sense of what it would feel like if I were to actually proceed my studies in these disciplines. 

Something that has been making a real difference in my Dartmouth experience is how much fun I have with academics. I know that, personally, I never thought of college as fun. Yes, I was excited for the quintessential American college experience. But, personally, the parts that talked to me the most were related to the social aspects of college: going out, meeting people from all over the world, becoming independent and mature, etc.

However, to be honest, over my first term I realised how much fun the academic part of college can be. From choosing courses to writing papers with the most creative prompts, learning at Dartmouth is a one of a kind experience.

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