A picture of the Dartmouth Green in the Fall with beautiful fall foliage.
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A picture of the snowball fight

Dartmouth campus officially resembles a winter wonderland. In the last few days, it has been consistently snowing - quite a few inches of snow remain everywhere you look. As I rode the campus connector bus back to my dorm after my last class on Friday, an email notification popped up on my phone with the headline "Would you, could you, in the snow?" I went on to read a poem signed off by Dr. Seuss and addressed to Robert Frost (although really to all of campus). As Dartmouth tradition, everyone was invited for a snowball fight at midnight on the green! True enough, at 11:57pm, I watched in excitement as people came from every corner of campus towards the green (better considered 'the white' now). It was pure fun running around and pelting each other with snowballs.

This Sunday I went skiing for the first time! I got the Dartmouth Skiway season pass that's specially discounted for freshmen and a daily rental which included ski boots, skis, and a helmet. I went with a friend who taught me how to ski while she also snowboarded. Starting off on the beginner "bunny" slopes, skiing turned out to be a little easier than I imagined although I can't wait to get out on the slopes again so I can work on nailing the swerving action needed to go down steeper slopes. It was also nice to see Sklodj (the Dartmouth Ski Lodge) for the first time since I had only been to Moosilauke lodge during fall term.


Dartmouth Skiway
Me and a friend at the skiway!

While I unfortunately haven't built a snowman yet this winter, I've walked by many people building ones across campus. Often, it's groups of friends rolling different- sized large snowballs into formation in front of buildings like Robinson Hall which houses the Office of Outdoor Programs, campus radio stations, the student media center, the Dartmouth Forensic Union, and The Dartmouth, an independent student newspaper. Whenever I come across a snowman, it's interesting to see the range of unique variations like the snowman with a 6-pack of abs. 

Me taking a photo with a snowman!

I took the above picture with my friends after the snowball fight as we made our way to the Collis Center for Student Involvement which includes the Common Ground lounge and event space, One Wheelock coffee shop, 8-Ball Hall Game Room, conference rooms and Collis market and cafe. My friend and I were specifically headed to the One Wheelock coffee shop for the (so good) hot cocoa that is always available for free all day. This is an amazing perk that I just recently discovered. During all of this last week, you could find me either stopping in for the hot cocoa to take it to-go as I made the snowy trek back to my dorm or sitting in to enjoy it in a mug as I studied in the comfortable lounge. I may or not be sipping my second mug of the day as I write this post

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