A picture of the Dartmouth Green in the Fall with beautiful fall foliage.
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A picture inside the Captiole building of Toulouse.
A picture of the beautiful view from the steps next to the Garonne River.
A selfie with my Host family's cat.
A picture of the delicious pastry selection at the Au Jardin des Thés cafe.
A picture of me and my dance partner during my Hip-Hop dance class.
A picture of my Host Family's dog sniffing my breakfast.
A picture of one of my art history classes inside a Basillica.
A picture at the end of a play I watched of the actors bowing.
A picture of me with my eyes closed and grinning as I hold a tea mug in a cafe.
A picture of me learning how to make a blue pastel tie-dye handkerchief.


  1. The inside of the Capitole building of Toulouse is amazing with some of the most beautiful and vibrant paintings and statues that I've ever seen.
  2. The view from the Garonne River is gorgeous and many people go to sit and absorb the peace from it. 
  3. While I was studying one day, my Host Family's cat came up to me and sat right next to my book. 
  4. The Au Jardin des Thés café is such a cute place, and my friends in the LSA+ cohort and I love to frequent it after class during the afternoon. I especially love their tarte de citron!
  5. I've joined a fun Hip-Hop Funk style dance class, and this is a photo of my dance partner and I learning a dance move. 
  6. My Host Family's cute dog loves to come up to me in the morning while I'm having my breakfast.
  7. Many of my Art History classes take place inside gorgeous basilicas and churches. 
  8. One of my friends invited me to watch a play that her host sister was acting in. The actors were all super talented as they're part of a consortium of actors.
  9. I've loved discovering cute cafés and drinking copious cups of tea. 
  10. My cohort and I learned how to make blue pastel tie-dye handkerchiefs at a family-run shop in Toulouse. 

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