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No Green Key? No problem! 

Green Key Weekend is the biggest weekend of the Spring Term. Artists perform and endless events are happening across campus. This year the main artist for the concert was none other than Shaggy! I was sad to learn that I would miss this concert, having grown up listening to his songs. From the videos, it looked amazing. The concert is always free for all students and guests can enter for a fee. 

This weekend in Berlin, it was Karneval der Kulteren, a festival that celebrates all the cultures represented in the city. The area of Kreuzberg is turned into a festival from Friday to Monday. Founded in 1995, the festival has consistently attracted crowds of more than 500,000 people. 

The main event of this carnival is the street parade on Sunday! Around 5,000 people participate in this parade of cultures. They wear cultural clothes and perform, accompanied by colourful floats. The roads are closed off and the parade lasts for hours. I was warned about the amount of people present, but I was shocked to see the crowd myself. It does not help to be a short person in a large crowd! However, I was able to find some space at the front to watch the parade. 

The effort put into each section of the parade is truly astounding. It was wonderful to experience all the different cultures and people in Berlin at this time. There were also floats for activists trying to send a message such as "100% Tempelhofer Feld", an initiative to keep the large recreational park on the abandoned airport from having housing built on it.  

After the parade was over, we explored the stalls set up and joined a random party happening on the street! There were speakers and parties set up all around the block. While it was very different from being at Dartmouth during Green Key Weekend, it was a great Spring experience in Berlin!

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