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An image of many students standing before the stage at the Green Key concert on Gold Coast Lawn.

When you can physically feel the sun and smell the flowers, it can only mean one thing- Green Key is getting closer. Dartmouth has a big party weekend every term, Homecoming in the Fall, Winter Carnival in the Winter and Green Key in the Spring. Green Key is a music festival that lasts a whole weekend! The Dartmouth Programming Board is in charge of organising the event, which is a club that any student can join and participate in. 

The biggest, most attended Green Key concert is hosted on Gold Coast Lawn, Tuck Drive. This year, Neon Trees was the leading artist! They were accompanied by Cochise and the student band "Frank". The student band is chosen by the "Battle of the Bands" where the most popular band gets to play at Green Key. Tickets are free for all students, who only need to pick up a wristband to enter the concert. Each student is also allowed to bring two guests, at a cost of 20 dollars per guest. 

An image of two students outside, before the Green Key concert
Getting ready for the concert!

Green Key @Collis, which the Collis Governing Board organises, hosts live music all weekend as well, starring Dartmouth's student bands. They also host a myriad of activities, including photo booths, tote-bag painting and tie-dye! To accompany all these activities, they also had free food all weekend at the Collis Student Centre, such as grilled cheeses, ice cream and s'mores!

The Sustainability Office and the Dartmouth Organic Farm host the "Brewhaha" on Saturday, which consists of a few hours of kombucha, lots of food, desserts and live music by student bands. Transport to the organic farm and back is provided by the college!

This weekend also brings a wave of parties and concerts hosted by the Greek Houses that are accessible to all Dartmouth students! After weeks of assignments and exams, Green Key weekend was a great way to take a break and relax before the last two weeks of the term.

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