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Black Family Visual Arts Center

This is dedicated to the Black Family Visual Arts Center (BVAC), where I just spent six hours painting a pot. Now this may sound tedious, but it is actually really fun, I promise. When I came to Dartmouth I did not think I would ever take an art course and here I am taking my second one. 

The Studio Art classes I am taking are located in the Black Family Visual Arts Center, which is home to the Studio Art, Film and Media Studies and Digital Humanities departments. However, you do not need to take a course to enter BVAC and use their study space! It is usually a quiet and calm place to study, in which I have been highly productive.

All Studio Art classes come with valuable material for which there is an extra fee of around 150 dollars. For my painting class, this includes many cans of paint, paintbrushes, palette knives, and other materials needed. The studio which I work in is a vast space with lots of light spilling in, as is needed for painting. It is quite easy to lose track of time and paint for hours. 

Painting Studio
The painting studio!

To get a Studio Art minor, students need to take seven Studio Art courses whereas a major requires ten. There are three required courses for a minor: Drawing 1, Painting 1 and Sculpture 1. There are six areas in which the remaining four courses for the minor can be in: architecture, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

The class itself can be very demanding of time, as there is a process of mixing and layering the paints. I find it to be a lot more work than the drawing class I took last term, but I already find myself falling in love with it. There is a certain peacefulness in painting that I didn't know existed before. If you are considering taking a Studio Art class at Dartmouth, this is your sign.

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