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sydney wuu friends at gile

Dartmouth is home to a diverse range of students that will become your lifelong friends. For this blog post, I thought I'd interview a few of my fellow '24s to give you a glimpse into the crazy awesome people that make Dartmouth, Dartmouth!

sydney wuu ari garnick

Name: Ari Garnick

Hometown: Amherst, New Hampshire

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvements: Chabad (Jewish organization), Gospel Choir, TAMID (a consulting and investing club), Timber Team

Favorite class and why?: ENVS 7.15: Future of Food because between agriculture, nutrition, and ethics, this seminar class feels tailor-made to cover the topics I'm most fascinated by.

Favorite spot on campus and why?: I love the Hop (Hopkins Center for the Arts) because it (normally) provides so many opportunities to explore artistic interests. I also love the massive indoor fire pit and elevated chimney.

Why did you choose Dartmouth?: I wanted to be at a place that provides resources that allow me to explore learning about subjects I find compelling, to join and create passionate communities of students, as well as a place that will guide and support my career after I graduate. Plus, I'm a sucker for the outdoors.

sydney wuu adri

Name: Adriana Chavira-Ochua

Hometown: Border (Juárez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas)

Major: Economics

Campus Involvements: Women in Student Business, Dartmouth Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, Dartmouth Club Ski Team, Smart Women Securities, Great Issues Scholars, Foundations in Social Impact

Favorite class and why?: FILM 3: Introduction to Digital Arts and Culture with Professor Bell was unforgettable because I learned to appreciate art through technology, specifically augmented and virtual reality. I even made an art piece by coding with Basic. Even though the class was through Zoom, I still enjoyed it.

Favorite spot on campus and why?: Occom Pond because it's a great break from school. I love the nature and peace of the pond and it's the absolute best place for study breaks.

Why did you choose Dartmouth?: Chill and laid back Greek life, close-knit community, lots of outdoor traditions, all the niche traditions like Homecoming

sydney wuu will schlachtenhaufen

Name: Will Schlachtenhaufen

Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois

Major: Computer Science

Campus Involvements: Club Hockey

Favorite class and why?: Either LING 1: Introductory Linguistics or CS 10: Problem Solving via Object Oriented Programming because they were super interesting

Favorite spot on campus and why?: The Green because I can play, eat, and not worry about things and the golf course because it's a beautiful place to run

Why did you choose Dartmouth?: I enjoy the work hard play hard environment!

sydney wuu alexa warren

Name: Alexa Warren

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Major: Biology

Campus Involvements: Decibelles (a cappella), Global Health Fellows

Favorite class and why?: THEA 7.01: Theater for Social Change (my first year seminar) because I've acted all my life but I've never thought about acting as a social movement. This class highlights the impact that theater can have on society.               

Favorite spot on campus and why?: My favorite spot on campus is Novack Cafe because I love to do my work there, eat there, and hang out with friends.

Why did you choose Dartmouth?: I chose Dartmouth because of all the opportunities it has for Pre-Med students like myself. The Health Professions Program (HPP) is super helpful and the same with the Nathan Smith Society.

sydney wuu emily masuda

Name: Emily Masuda

Hometown: Palos Verdes, California

Major: Environmental Studies

Campus Involvements: Snowboard instructor, Women in Science Program intern, Collis Market employee

Favorite class and why?: EARS 6: Environmental Change because it gave me a great overview of the changes that are occurring in the environment on a global scale

Favorite spot on campus and why?: Big Empty Meeting Area (Bema) because I love nature and spending time in the woods

Why did you choose Dartmouth?: I loved the people I met on my tour of Dartmouth, and I think it's really cool that Dartmouth has its own ski slopes and organic farm.

sydney wuu sidney marsh

Name: Sidney Marsh

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvements: Real Estate Club, Real Estate Investment Fund, Women in Business

Favorite class and why?: PHIL 1.04: God, Darwin, and the Cosmos because it combines theology with science to help us understand much of people's perceptions of the world and its beginnings

Favorite spot on campus and why?: Novack Cafe because of the people and constant coffee

Why did you choose Dartmouth?: Its small, beautiful outdoorsy, close-knit, and fun culture!

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