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My friend and I smile for a picture before digging into our meal on the first floor of a moving ship by a window.

One of the most common questions I receive from prospective students is: What can I do around Hanover? To answer this, I thought I'd blog about a lunch cruise I did through my residential community, West House, and some other fun spring activities from this past weekend.

Before matriculating as a first-year, all Dartmouth students are randomly sorted into one of six house communities. These houses offer various events throughout the term, including wellness chair massage sessions, community dinners, day trips to Six Flags, weekend trips to New York City, wine and cheese night, and yoga. A couple of weekends ago, I even savored an original four-course dinner at a pop-up restaurant event in a West House common room prepared by a talented group of Westians. The menu featured freshly baked bruschetta, mandu (Korean dumplings), a hearty Mississippi beef pot roast, and homemade apple pie with a Cabot cheddar crust!

This past Saturday, three friends and I signed up for a West House lunch cruise to Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire, just a half-hour drive from campus. Like all house events, this trip was completely free for all West House residents!

My friend Diana smiles for a photo on the way to boarding a two-story red and white boat on a lake in NH.
About to board the boat, Diana is all smiles!

As we set sail, we enjoyed a yummy buffet dining experience with grilled chicken, salad, mac and cheese, and sliced potatoes, all while soaking in the stunning views of Lake Sunapee. The captain narrated the history of Lake Sunapee over the speakerphone, and the smooth ride made for a great setting to bond with fellow Westians and meet new faces within our house community.

Four girls smile at the camera in a horizontal shot with Lake Sunapee in the background on a cloudy day.
After lunch, we explored the boat's top deck and enjoyed the fresh breeze.

This event was made possible thanks to the wonderful West House leadership team. Our house professor, Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch, is an Associate Professor of African History. Jodi Blackburn, the West House Assistant Director, is incredibly supportive, welcoming, and engaging. As my undergraduate advisor supervisor last year, she regularly invited us for coffee to check in and discuss the best ways to support our residents. We also were supported by the lovely West House PhD student resident fellows and house administrator Pamela Duffy.

Two of the parts of Dartmouth I'll miss most after graduation are the easy access to nature and the tight-knit community our campus fosters. Besides the West House lunch cruise, this weekend was filled with volunteering at the Hōkūpaʻa lūʻau, making dog toys for local animal shelters with the Rotaract Club, watching The Challengers at the Nugget Theaters on Hanover's Main Street, playing pickleball, and going on an evening "Woccom" (walk around Occom Pond) with a friend. I am excited to make the last few weeks of my college experience count!

An action shot of a group of performers wearing blue shirts on stage during the Hōkūpaʻa lūʻau celebration
On a non-West House related note, here's a photo of some of the performers during the Hōkūpaʻa lūʻau celebration.

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