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It's officially the middle of winter — over four weeks since the start of the term, and over three since I flew across the U.S. to Hanover. This season is full of firsts; halfway into the term, I have already experienced my first blizzard, participated in my first giant snowball fight on the Green, bought my first sled, and ice skated for the first time in years (even played some ice hockey!). This weekend, I am excited to head to the Dartmouth Skiway and learn to ski with some friends on the bunny slopes to start as I look to improve as a skier over the next four years.

We so very wish you could step onto Dartmouth's campus yourself and witness the beauty of our winters before you, but COVID-19 has made visiting campuses extremely difficult. I would love to use this blog post to share some of my favorite photos I captured during this past snowy week. Grab a blanket, get comfortable, and follow along to visit campus virtually through my own personal lens and from the safety and comfort of wherever you are now!

sydney wuu snowy green

sydney wuu ice rink

sydney wuu snowy tree

sydney wuu brunch pine

sydney wuu snowy path

sydney wuu night sledding

sydney wuu blizzard ice rink

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