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The Dartmouth community comes together to view the eclipse on the Green. A woman with a purple purse looks through her eclipse glasses at the sky.

It's not every day that my Intro to Chinese Culture and Understanding the Universe classes were both canceled, but the cosmos had other plans. Welcome to a rare weekday in my life with no classes!

8:00 a.m.: Wake Up & Get Ready for the Day

Good morning! Despite last week's unexpected April snowfall, today's warm weather means it is finally starting to feel like spring.

A horizontal candid shot of my friend Piper ordering a drink from The Fern, a modern cafe in the Irving Institute for Energy & Society.

9:00 a.m.: Fern Coffee and Tea Bar

My favorite Dartmouth dining option is the Fern Coffee and Tea Bar inside the Irving Institute for Energy & Society. For breakfast, I kicked off the day with a refreshing iced oat matcha latte and an energizing container of Brekki dark chocolate ready-to-eat oats.

10:00 a.m.: Energy Justice Clinic Meeting

Just two flights of stairs above The Fern, I met with my Energy Justice Clinic research team in Dr. Kelly's office. We spent the hour making solid progress on collaborative data entry for an energy burden survey in the Upper Valley.

A horizontal shot of my friend Lillian waving to the camera on the upstairs floor of the gym.

11:15 a.m.: Gym

Since my classes were canceled, I hit a late-morning leg day with my friend Lillian. Opting for a midday workout was a great choice (way less crowded than the usual post-5 p.m. crowd)!

A horizontal shot of my friends Danny and Lillian smiling after lunch sitting at a brown table in the Hop

12:45 p.m.: Lunch at Courtyard Café (the Hop)

Lillian and I joined my friend Danny for lunch at the Hop, a popular location on Dartmouth's dining plan. Lillian and I ordered the burger special while Danny got the chicken avocado wrap.

6 girls wearing solar eclipse glasses pose for the camera right before the solar eclipse on the Dartmouth Green, a field of grass on the center of campus.

3 p.m.: Solar Eclipse on Green

After heading back to my dorm for a quick shower, the highlight of my day was gathering with friends and the Dartmouth community to witness the solar eclipse on the Green. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy organized a wonderful viewing event, complete with free protective eclipse glasses, food, and refreshments. I'll never forget the dramatic darkening of the sky and the sudden chill as Hanover plunged into 98% totality. I'm grateful to have witnessed this rare celestial event at Dartmouth, especially since the next opportunity in the contiguous United States won't come until 2044!

5:30 p.m.: Fellowship Advising Dinner & Information Session

Earlier this month, I received a Fulbright Scholarship from the U.S. Department of State to teach English and promote cultural exchange in Taiwan. I was invited by the Assistant Dean of Faculty for Fellowship Advising Professor Harner to join a Fulbright Program and U.K. awards dinner and info session to help answer questions regarding my application process experience.

7 p.m.: Present a Dartmouth Virtual Information Session

One of my favorite parts of the Senior Admissions Fellow job is presenting to prospective high school students worldwide about what makes Dartmouth special. During these 45-minute sessions, Dartmouth admissions officers or senior fellows will introduce the College through the four Ps: the Place, Program, People, and Process. Feel free to visit this link to sign up for virtual information sessions and campus tours led by and featuring current Dartmouth students!

8 p.m.: Homework & Laundry

Back in my dorm, I did some laundry (which, thanks to Student Government, is now completely free in all College-owned residential facilities), wrote a discussion post on poetry in premodern China, and continued to brainstorm topic ideas for my ECON 64: Topics in Development Economics culminating experience research paper.

11 p.m.: Good Night!

After watching an episode of The Resident (my latest Netflix obsession), it's time for bed. Thanks for following along on my day!

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