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sydney wuu dartmouth wins

Who said Halloween is just for kids? Highlights of last weekend included pumpkin carving with local kids, a Halloween-themed FoCo feast, and taking a bus down to Boston for the epic Harvard-Dartmouth football game. Here are some pictures!

sydney wuu pumpkin carving
Adri and Nick are expert pumpkin carvers in this joint Halloween event hosted by Alpha Phi (APhi) and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). Leo the black lab decides to join the fun!

sydney wuu z with kids
Spongebob was ecstatic to receive the pumpkin my friend Z carved for him! It was extra special because it was Z's very first time carving a pumpkin.

sydney wuu halloween pandas
My big Tippa and I just so happened to both be pandas for our Wednesday meetings in our sorority house!

sydney wuu spooky foco
After hitting the gym, Lily and I decide to get a FoCo dinner. Spooky decorations, eerie music, a photobooth, and themed food awaited us, plus an extra special gingerbread man station! Dartmouth Dining puts on special events throughout the term like A Canadian Thanksgiving, Food Day: Harvest Dinner, and March Mardi Gras.

sydney wuu dartmouth harvard game
The Dartmouth Harvard football game was my first time watching a non-home game as a college student. I don't know a ton about football, but it sure was a ton of fun to watch and Dartmouth brought home a win with a nail biting 20-17!

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