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sydney wuu mink brook

There is never a dull moment at Dartmouth! One of the main reasons why the College is so special is our unique D-Plan, which operates on the quarter system. Each 10-week term goes by quickly, but is enriching, exciting, and rewarding with its own personality that feels like a new chapter in the book that is college. 

Falls are filled with New England foliage, apple picking, long hikes, and enjoying the excitement of a new school year. Winters are filled with skiing, snowball fights, sledding, firepits, and ice-skating on the Green. So far, springs look to be filled with playing spikeball (a cross between volleyball and four square!), picnicking in socially-distanced groups, rollerblading with friends, and so much more. And did I mention Dartmouth students can choose to take classes during the summer? In fact, Sophomore Summer is a class bonding experience that occurs at the exact halfway point of one's college years where everyone from your class spends the summer term in Hanover together. Although I'm only a freshman (who has yet to experience her own Sophomore Summer), I've heard from passionate alumni and upperclassmen alike that summers at Dartmouth are filled with paddling down the Connecticut River in between classes, tanning along the dock, stargazing at nights, and maximizing the weather and late sunsets by exploring the surrounding Upper Valley. Some alumni have even told me that these 10 weeks have been the "best 10 weeks of their lives."

As more of our community continues to get vaccinated, I look forward to meeting more people and making new memories in each of the four distinctively unique seasons. Looking outside my window, spring has truly sprung here in Hanover! The campus looks so different from when I left it at the end of winter term, and is alive with community energy out on the Green. This term, much has changed as well along with the scenery. First of all, I've gained a new randomly-assigned and lovely roommate Alexa who is also from the LA area. Yesterday, Alexa and I took an afternoon run to the neighboring Mink Brook Trail, which was a peaceful, sunny end to Week 2 of the term. 

sydney wuu alexa walk
Alexa is a great running buddy and roomie!

We also grabbed free boba outside of Collis Student Center after our run, courtesy of the Programming Board. I have found myself really cherishing these small adventures and am so glad I've made a running buddy to enjoy spring term with me. Secondly, I'm taking three new courses this term: MATH 10: Introductory Statistics, PSYC 1: Introductory Psychology, and my First Year Seminar: Searching for Justice. So far, they've all been super fascinating with wonderful professors, so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for a more in-depth post on my freshman spring classes. 

Lastly, I'd like to give a huge congratulations to the Class of 2025 regular decision admitted students (and of course the EDs)! I may be biased, but I sure hope that you decide to come to Hanover this fall. Dartmouth is a wonderful place to explore and grow in a constantly changing environment, yet one that is grounded by tradition. We can't wait to welcome the '25s.

sydney wuu ducks
Mink Brook Trail is a beautiful place to explore.

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