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Baker Tower from the Dartmouth Green, with some snow left on the ground, at sunset

At the start of this past winter quarter, I wrote a blog post about my academic and personal goals for the term. I'd love to tell you I did everything on my list and more, but the truth is that I'm pretty sure I only met three of the seven goals I laid out for myself. In fact, I almost didn't write this post despite having said I'd write an update post at the end of winter to hold myself accountable because I asked myself, who wants to hear about me not doing things? But I said I'd write this post at the start of the term, and I intend to follow through on that. If anything, it's a reminder that as much as these blogs are meant to show you how many great things you can do at Dartmouth, life can get pretty unpredictable, and it's normal not to always be doing everything perfectly. At the same time, although my term might not have had the trajectory I'd plotted, there were all sorts of unexpected, wonderful moments that made it the winter it was!

Before I continue, here's a quick review of my goals from last term. Polar bear swim: failed (canceled for warm weather). Ice skating: failed (outdoors, at least–I did get some indoor skating in for IM hockey). Getting into the habit of journaling: failed (I said I'd write 50 entries over the course of the term and am ending with 12). Attend office hours: failed (no good excuses for this one. It just didn't happen).

On the success front, though, I did go to the snowball fight, which was fantastic. The other two goals I met were more abstract, but I truly feel that I put all my effort into my friendships and had fun learning for the sake of learning. In spite of the missed goals, I had a lot of unanticipated wins, too: this winter was my first on-campus term ever where I didn't pull an all-nighter, I went skiing for the first time since age 10, and I was reminded every day in one way or another, small or big, how lucky I am to have the people that I do in my life.

A library lobby with black and white checkered floors
Blobby (Baker lobby!), taken while not doing my LING 20 (Experimental Phonetics) homework :)

I have ten weeks left here and have been swimming in mixed emotions about it. There's so much unknown ahead in every sphere of life, but I suppose it's always going to feel like that in one way or another. If nothing else, I truly want to make this my best term yet! I'm taking three classes I'm so excited about: Indo-European Linguistics, Experimental Phonetics, and Intermediate Creative Nonfiction—you'll be hearing more about these for sure. Even more than that, though, I've found such a beautiful community here that makes me want to relish every moment I have with the people here I've grown to care for so much. I can't wait to share some of those moments with you as I navigate my final quarter here at Dartmouth! (And maybe I'll go to office hours)!

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