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Winter Dartmouth

As I near the end of 21W, there are a few things I can't quite believe. First of all, as is the case for every Dartmouth quarter, I can't beileve how much I have grown and changed since the start of the term. In only ten short weeks, I've finished another term of classes, started a research project, finished my pledge term, and met a bunch of amazing people. It's also crazy to hear that its now been an entire year since Covid-19 forced most of the classes to go remote, and that it's been an entire year since I've taken an in-person class. Despite all the confusion and commotion that has been 21W, nothing is quite as crazy as the last few weeks of the term. Therefore, I thought I'd share how the end of my term is shaping up! 

A slide from my psychology presentation!

This week (which is Week 9), I'm spending most of my time working on my group presentation for my social psychology class. My group is looking into the psychology of successful teams, specifically how resilience, cohesion, and personalities can benefit or harm a team. I'm working with three people who I didn't know before this class, and still haven't met in person yet. However, I'm really enjoying working with the group and getting to know everyone better. Although we've never met on campus, we've found that we all share similar interests in social psychology and can work together well. Once I get to campus, I'm excited to meet everyone in person and have fun together doing some in-person activities! 

Another final project that I've been working on is a persuasive speech for my public speaking class. I dedicated a blog post earlier this term about my public speaking class, so definitely check that out. Heading into the final stretch, I'm finishing up with my persuasive speech and preparing for our final project, which will be a special occasion speech that we'll have to edit after. What's great about doing these two speeches is that I'm seeing how much better they are than the speeches I gave at the start of the term. I also love that I'm giving my speech on reducing consumer-level food waste, which is what my research project this term happens to be on. It's always great when you can carry your extracurricular interests into your classes, and this persuasive speech has been an opportunity for me to do so! 

After I wrap up with my projects, I'll have a few days to study and rest during reading period. Then, it's right into finals as I'll have to take my social psychology final and polish up my special occasion speech. Something interesting about my social psychology final is that our professor is giving us an opportunity to submit questions that she might consider putting on the final exam. Not only is this a great way to review concepts and think from a professor's perspective, but we can also get extra credit if our professor uses the questions we submit. Once I'm done with my exams, I'm excited to get into my Spring Break and take some much-needed time to relax. For all you prospective students out there, it's important to know that Dartmouth boasts a two-week Spring Break, longer than any of my friends from other schools!

Although the final weeks of a term can definitely get hectic, it's always a manageable and honestly energizing time. It's definitely a lot to do every day, but it's a great feeling reflecting on all you've accomplished in a week, and a term, at the end of it all. That's it from me for now, I'll have to get back to that group presentation!

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