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Coming into Dartmouth, I was excited about the classes I was going to take, the friends I was going to make, and all the clubs I was going to join. As I reach the halfway mark on my college journey, I'm excited to say that Dartmouth has met my expectations and then some. One thing I could never have anticipated, however, is becoming a student leader in the Admissions Office.

My involvement with the Admissions Office began as a student blogger, where I enjoyed writing blog posts such as these. Since then, my role has expanded into being featured on Dartmouth social media accounts, becoming a student panelist for prospective students, and more. In fact, you can read about my journey to becoming a student blogger here! Recently, I was given the opportunity to take on a larger role for the Admissions Office as a Communications Intern. This means that I'll be able to take on more administrative responsibilities, while also being able to work on projects that I'm passionate about and which will hopefully have a real impact on the College!

Admissions Project Visual
A map of 3D Profiles I created for the Admissions Project!

One of the first projects I'll be working on is reviewing our content and messaging for international students. As an international student myself, I'm excited to look at how we're reaching our international population, and where our strengths and weaknesses are. Furthermore, I'm hoping that by analyzing our international student messaging, I'll be able to provide actionable steps to help improve our communications. Working on this project has been super fun because I'm able to apply some of the skills I've taken from my classes and past experiences to help the Admissions Office, which interacts with thousands of students each year. Although I definitely wouldn't have thought that I'd be prepared to carry out a project like this before coming to Dartmouth, I'm confident that I can use the lessons I've gained over the past two years to produce something valuable for the Admissions Officers! So far, I've identified geographical gaps in our content, in addition to the questions that we do well in answering and the questions that we could improve on.

Working on this project has shown me that Dartmouth reaches out to students from around the world, and that my experience as an international student is just one of thousands. In fact, one of the goals of my project will be to try and shed a light on the questions or stories that aren't being portrayed. While I hope that my reflections on my Dartmouth journey is helpful, I would love to learn more about any questions you have left unanswered by People Places Pines! If you do have a question (international student-related or otherwise), feel free to submit it here and one of our Bloggers will get back to you. For example, ask about what I found from my project and I'll (hopefully) have some pretty cool conclusions in a few weeks!  

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