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Another picture of Dartmouth!

This week, I enjoyed appearing on an international student panel for accepted students. While I shared my Dartmouth experience and answered questions from high school seniors, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to in some form, shape the next Dartmouth class. My experience on the panel also made me reflect on when I was a high school senior, excited to start my college journey. However, before I matriculated, picked my first classes, or even met my Freshman year roommates, I was an Admissions Blogger. Since the application process to become an Admissions Blogger happened over the summer before Freshman year, my first experience at Dartmouth was with the Admissions Office. Now that I've been blogging for a year and a half, I want to share why I decided to become an Admissions Blogger, and all the opportunities it has afforded me.

My introduction to becoming an Admissions Blogger was simple enough. One day, an email popped up in my new Dartmouth inbox, welcoming incoming students to apply for the job. I had always loved writing in high school, and what's more, I've always loved talking about myself. When I discovered that I could potentially get paid to combine these passions, I applied for the role and was excited to have been given an opportunity. When I got to campus, we attended a kick-off event for all the bloggers, where I got to meet new friends and upperclassmen who would eventually become my mentors. From there, I realized that being an Admissions Blogger wouldn't just be an opportunity to reflect on and share my college experience, but also meet other students who were passionate about writing and Dartmouth. Although Covid-19 has made maintaining close friendships challenging, I still have many blogger friends I stay in touch with. I also became a mentor this year to incoming bloggers, as I have enjoyed working with new students and giving some of the advice that helped me flourish my first year at college.

Me during my virtual panel
A Zoom snapshot of a panel for prospective students!

Furthermore, becoming a blogger meant that I was able to share my Dartmouth experience through other mediums as well, through all stages of the Admissions process. Last year, I was able to appear on the Dartmouth Admissions Instagram to welcome all the newly accepted 24's. Since I know college can be scary, I look to be a friendly face, showing prospective students that there is nothing to worry about. Next, the student panel is a great example of a way in which I can directly get in touch with high school students who are interested in Dartmouth. Not only can I answer questions that are directly relevant to the students attending the session, but I also look forward to connecting with them afterwards. Finally, what I enjoy most is being paired up with students through our Dimensions program and our Virtual Pine Pods program. Last year, my prospective student chose Dartmouth after our chats together and I still keep in touch with him to make sure he's doing alright! 

As you can see, what started as a simple blogging job has transformed into one of my biggest involvements on campus. What's great is that I love the work that I'm doing, and since it takes on so many forms, I never get bored! Although I applied to become an Admissions Blogger two summers ago, I've since gained invaluable experiences and lifelong friends. Therefore, if you ever wondered why us bloggers are writing for this website, I hope you now have a better idea of all the rewards that come with being an Admissions Blogger!

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